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Product details

Product Name: polyester film (BOPET)

Technology: biaxially stretched polyester film technology

Production line: German Dornier film production line

Product advantages

High tensile strength, high elastic modulus, high impact strength and bending resistance, high surface gloss and transparency, cold resistance (-70 ℃), chemical corrosion resistance, heat resistance (200 ℃) and good thermal stability.

Nontoxic and odorless, good oxygen and humidity resistance, good optical performance and electrical insulation performance, such as high power frequency electrical strength, small media loss and large resistivity.

After special treatment, the surface quality of the film can be further improved, such as improving the smoothness, flatness, dimension stability, surface adhesive force and so on.


Printing, compounding, aluminizing, laser anti-counterfeiting, gold and silver cardboard, bronzing transfer, reflection, protective card, electrical insulation, pharmaceutical packaging, mobile phone screen, and LCD, etc.